Elderly man attacks victim who recently had heart surgery

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68-year-old Jeffrey Kenyon was charged with assault after he attacked a man who recently had heart surgery for pulling up in front of a restaurant to allow his elderly mother-in-law easier access to the location.

On November 27th, Albert Hooper parked in front of a restaurant in order for his elderly mother-in-law to have easier access to the restaurant. He assisted his mother-in-law into the restaurant and returned to his car and found Jeffrey Kenyon sitting in his driver’s seat. Albert apologized for blocking Jeffrey’s car in the lot and at that point, Jeffrey began screaming at him.

Jeffrey Kenyon (MNPD)
Jeffrey Kenyon (MNPD)

Albert tried to explain that his mother-in-law had just had surgery and needed his assistance to get into the restaurant. Jeffrey got out of Albert’s car and shoved him in his chest. Albert told Jeffrey he had heart surgery two weeks prior. Jeffrey then punched him in the chest causing injury to Albert’s chest area.

On February 12th, Jeffrey Kenyon was arrested and charged for Assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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