Man found asleep in car at intersection

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25-year-old Nicholas Woodley was charged with driving under the influence when officers found him sleeping in his car at an intersection.

On March 9th, officers located a stationary vehicle at the intersection of Lebanon Pike and J.B. Estille Drive. Believing the driver to be unconscious, officers approached the vehicle and observed Nicholas Woodley unconscious with his foot on the brake.

Nicholas Woodley (MNPD)
Nicholas Woodley (MNPD)

After demanding more effort than should have been necessary, officers eventually persuaded Nicholas out of the vehicle where he continued to struggle with basic tasks. According to the affidavit, Nicholas appeared “stuporous” and when they asked if he had more than two beers he replied “no” yet when queried how many beers he had imbibed he then replied “four beers.” Mr. Woodley blew a .112 blood-alcohol content, the legal limit being .08 BAC.

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Nicholas Woodley was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence. He was freed on pre-trial release.

Woodley, Nicholas5959372827 S RUTHERFORD BLVD
Nashville, TN 37210

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