Man on traffic stop charged with drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence

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21-year-old Derrick Payne was charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence after officers pulled him over for failing to make a complete stop at an intersection.

On February 9th, officers were on patrol and witnessed a maroon Dodge Challenger fail to stop at the intersection of Anderson Road and Owendale Road. The vehicle was traveling on Anderson Road heading outbound.

When officers made contact with the driver, identified as Derrick Payne, there was an obvious odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Officers asked if there was anything in the car and both Derrick and his passenger denied. Officers then asked to search the vehicle and Derrick replied with “do what you need”, according to the affidavit. Officers informed Derrick that due to the smell of marijuana, they would be searching the vehicle and then went back to their patrol car to request assistance. While officers were waiting for backup, Derrick opened his door and handed a black backpack to a vehicle that was passing by. Officers instructed that vehicle to stop and Derrick yelled “Go! Drive!” Officers then placed Derrick in handcuffs and asked about the bag that was passed off, in which Derrick replied with “What are you talking about?” Officers then placed him in the patrol car.

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Officers then searched the vehicle and found roughly 9 grams of marijuana in a plastic bag in the back seat. A digital scale was found in the glove box and a wallet with a large amount of cash was found in the passenger seat. Officers then read Derrick his Miranda rights and asked if he would like to speak with officers, in which Derrick declined. Derrick was then informed that his passenger was going to be charged for the marijuana that was found since she admitted to it. At that point, Derrick admitted everything in the car belonged to him even though his passenger was adamant that any marijuana found belonged to her.

The paraphernalia and marijuana were seized, but not the cash. According to the affidavit, officers believe the black bag that was handed off to a passing vehicle contained evidence of a crime since marijuana and paraphernalia were present, a high amount of cash, and the defendant yelling at the vehicle to “Go! Drive!”

At the time of the stop, Derrick was given a state citation for Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia and the passenger was given a state citation for the marijuana. On February 25th, he was arrested and charged with Tampering with Evidence. His bond was set at $5,000.

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