Man seeks revenge on behalf of sister; gets another man killed

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20-year-old Kevontae Hammonds was charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence after retaliation for his sister turned deadly.

On October 10th, 2019, Kevontae Hammonds went to the Knollcrest Apartments complex on Creekwood Drive to enact revenge on those he believed were responsible for shooting at his sister’s apartment. Kevontae told detectives he shot at the vehicle parked outside the location that he thought belonged to the suspects.

Kevontae Hammonds (MNPD)
Kevontae Hammonds (MNPD)

Upon receiving shots from Kevontae, the occupants of the vehicle began to return fire. One of the bullets fired from the suspects struck Codero Crowder in the head, causing his death. Kevontae then drove to North Nashville and threw his gun in a treeline near the road. The gun was never recovered but police say that it is “important to the homicide investigation.”

On March 20th, Kevontae Hammonds was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence. His bond was set at $75,000.

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