Man shoots off tip of another man’s penis #JustTheTip

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19-year-old Daniel Crowder was charged with aggravated assault after he shot the tip of another man’s penis.

On March 8th, victim Clarence Lewis and Daniel Crowder were involved in an argument over a bruise that Daniel suspected Clarence left on his 2-year-old son. The bruise actually turned out to be hair dye. Clarence told police that he was in the front bedroom of the house when Daniel went behind the house, at which time Clarence heard a gunshot and stepped outside to contact the police. Once Clarence stepped out of the residence he found that his phone was dead. Clarence then saw Daniel come out of the residence with a gun which he began to point at him while walking toward him while saying something along the lines of, “Who you going to shoot and stab?” Clarence then ran toward Daniel to attempt to wrestle the pistol away from Daniel but a shot was fired.

Daniel Crowder (MNPD)
Daniel Crowder (MNPD)

The shot rang out and blew the tip of Clarence’s penis off. While enduring the newly inflicted trauma, Clarence continued to wrestle with Daniel until he flipped him on the ground and Clarence was able to take off down the street, avoiding anymore bloodshed. As he was running away, Daniel fired two additional shots that did not make contact with any part of Clarence’s body.

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Clarence was transported to Vanderbilt and also sustained another minor injury. Daniel fled on foot taking the firearm with him. Daniel’s fiancee’s juvenile daughter stated that Daniel came into her room, woke her up, and mentioned something about Clarence barging into his room and cutting Daniel’s hand. She also stated she saw a cut on Daniel’s hand and that he went outside and then she heard three gunshots. Daniel was taken into custody on March 12th and transported to booking.

Daniel Crowder was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $50,000.

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