Nashville man charged for refusing to leave Hallmark Inn and damaging police vehicle

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27-year-old Gabriel Henderson was charged with two counts of vandalism, criminal trespass, and public intoxication after refusing to leave Hallmark Inn for being intoxicated and causing damage to two vehicles, including a police vehicle.

On March 18th, Officer Jacob Dick was called to Hallmark Inn located on West Trinity Lane because Gabriel Henderson would not leave the area. According to affidavits, Gabriel damaged a vehicle belonging to the establishment and was noticeably intoxicated.

Gabriel Henderson (MNPD)

Officer Dick noted the observation that Gabriel had bloodshot and watery eyes, the smell of alcohol on his person, slurred speech, and had extremely aggressive behavior to include calling employees racial slurs. Because of his refusal to vacate the property and his inebriated state, he was apprehended for his and other’s safety. While in custody, Gabriel also damaged a window on the police vehicle.

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Gabriel Henderson was arrested and charged with two counts of vandalism, criminal trespass, and public intoxication. On March 23rd, he was found guilty of criminal trespass and both counts of vandalism and public intoxication were dismissed.

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