Woman blows chance at freedom; arrested during public sex at Tequila Cowboy

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34-year-old Sarah Raetzloff was charged with indecent exposure after she was caught performing a sex act with a man in plain view in the doorway of Tequila Cowboy on Broadway.

On March 24th, police were patrolling on Broadway and witnessed Sarah Raetzloff on her knees performing oral sex on a man in the doorway of the Tequila Cowboy. Sarah has been caught performing sex acts in public with the same man on two other occasions that night.

Sarah was given a warning the first time and received a state misdemeanor citation the second time. She was not issued a citation this time due to the likelihood the offense would continue. Police took Sarah into custody and transported her to booking.

Sarah Raetzloff was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. The charge was later retired, but Sarah remains jailed on a hold.

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  1. Cliff Ghettobilly

    What is the man’s name? The man she was blowing?

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