Woman found driving stolen vehicle claims friend let her borrow it

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18-year-old Layla Cooper was charged with theft of vehicle under $10,000 after being found in possession of a stolen vehicle she claims was lent to her by a friend.

On March 11th, police were patrolling within the apartment complex at 850 Richards Road when they made contact with Layla Cooper operating a stolen vehicle. Officers ran the license plate and confirmed the vehicle was taken from the Lebanon area. Officers initiated their emergency equipment and stopped the vehicle. Layla complied with all the officer’s commands and placed her hands on the hood of the vehicle.

Layla Cooper (MNPD)
Layla Cooper (MNPD)

Layla was then detained and Mirandized but chose to speak to officers. She stated her friend Amanda allowed her to borrow the vehicle two weeks ago. The vehicle was registered to Eric Simmons. Officers stated that Layla was unaware as to why the vehicle was registered as stolen.

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Layla Cooper was arrested and charged with theft of vehicle. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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