Woman swings on her roommate ex-boyfriend; charged with domestic assault

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25-year-old Samantha Kese was charged with domestic assault against her roommate ex-boyfriend after she threw a punch at him and grabbed him by the neck.

On February 9th, officers were called in reference to a domestic dispute on Neill Avenue. According to the affidavit, Jordan Nielson called in a complaint that his ex-girlfriend Samantha Kese took a swing at him and grabbed him by the neck while he was trying to gather his things. The two currently live together and had just ended their relationship.

When officers arrived and contact was made, Jordan and Samantha were in separate rooms. Jordan advised officers that he and Samantha got into a verbal argument. He stated that she swung her fist at his face and missed, then tried to grab his neck and missed, and then grabbed his shirt collar. Officers noted their observation of redness to Jordan’s lower neck and that evidence was consistent with his story.

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Officers then spoke with Samantha and she admitted to being in a verbal argument with Jordan and that she got upset and swung once at his face and neck. Samantha stated she didn’t mean to hit his neck, but her intention was to “push his face” but missed and that’s what caused her hand to hit his neck. She went on to make sure the officers knew that she did not intend to strangle Jordan, who stated that he didn’t think Samantha was trying to choke him. He also stated he did not want to prosecute.

Samantha Kese was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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