Nashville woman assaults husband after accusing him of cheating, per report

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33-year-old Brenda Bowles was charged with domestic assault when her husband reported to police that she became upset and physically assaulted him while intoxicated after she went through his phone and accused him of cheating.

On April 2nd, officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 612 Glastonbury Road. Officers made contact with Roger Bowles and his wife Brenda. Roger went outside to speak with officers and reported they were involved in a physical altercation because his wife said she thought Roger was cheating on her. Roger went on to say Brenda went through his phone and found messages that she thought came from other women. According to the affidavit, Roger admitted they had both been drinking and that was a factor in the ordeal.

Brenda Bowles (MNPD)

Roger then showed officers the scratch marks on his chest and around his neck caused by Brenda. Roger stated he suffers from a broken back due to being involved in a recent car accident and that causes him mobility issues. Officers noted they took photos of Roger’s injuries and that Roger was complaining about back and left leg pain. He was transported to a hospital by Nashville Fire.

Officers then spoke with Brenda, who admitted there was a physical altercation after she looked at Roger’s phone, but said the whole ordeal was started by him. Officers observed that she had a scratch above her eye, but Brenda could not remember how it got there.

Officers noted that based on the statements of both parties, the physical evidence provided, and the physical limitations of the victim they determined Brenda to be the primary aggressor.

Brenda Bowles was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,500.

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