Woman climbs on top of husband, pummels his face after he wakes her up to feed twins; per video

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Metro Police say 27-year-old Samantha Cox Ward climbed on top of her husband and repeatedly punched him in the face after he woke her up to feed their twins. He then retreated to the bathroom until police arrived at their Antioch home.

Metro Police were dispatched to a domestic dispute at 12:06 a.m. on April 6th, and upon arrival to the Broken Bow Drive home, made contact with the victim, Dylan Ward, who stated he and his wife were in a physical altercation, during which she repeatedly assaulted him.

Samantha Cox Ward (MNPD)
Samantha Cox Ward (MNPD)

According to an arrest warrant for his wife, 27-year-old Samantha Cox Ward, Dylan woke her up to feed their twins at around midnight, at which time she became violent and climbed on top of him in the bed. Dylan was able to record a video of some of the incident recorded on his phone, which showed Samantha repeatedly punching him in the face while on top of him, as he was teller her to get off him. He eventually pushed her off, and retreated to the bathroom, where he called police and awaited their arrival.

During an interview, Samantha initially told Metro Nashville Officers that she did hit him, but only to get him off her, however, her statement was not corroborated by the video, and she was determined to be the primary aggressor. The victim had an injury to his face, and Samantha was taken into custody.

Samantha Cox Ward was transported to booking, and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She was released on a $1,500 bond after the state-mandated domestic violence hold for 12 hours.

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