Woman shatters father’s window and cuts girlfriend with box cutters in separate incidents

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29-year-old Lacey Stone was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she shattered a window at her father’s house and cut her girlfriend with a pair of box cutters.

On March 29th, police responded to Nawakwa Trail in reference to an individual calling 911 and dispatch hearing a loud crash with yelling while on the phone. Bryan Stone stated that his daughter Lacey had broken one of the rear windows to his house and that she was walking toward Mohawk Trail. When officers arrived, they were met by Bryan and his brother, John Stone, who witnessed the events transpire. Bryan told police that Lacey had been using methamphetamine and left the house at around 1:00 a.m. after causing a ruckus. Lacey then returned home just before 11:30 a.m. and began screaming incoherently while beating on the rear door with an object, according to the affidavit. Bryan went on to say that at this point Lacey threw an object which shattered the rear window that was heard by dispatch.

Lacey Stone (MNPD)
Lacey Stone (MNPD)

Lacey then fled on foot after Bryan told her that he called the police. John told officers he heard the entire incident and was in the kitchen when the window was shattered. Police observed broken glass next to the rear window along with damage done to the rear door. Bryan stated that the object used was possibly a hammer found next to the door but also that Lacey no longer lives at the residence. Bryan chose to prosecute for damages.

In a separate incident on March 30th, police received a tip stating that two women were seen fighting in the Red Lobster parking lot on North Gallatin Pike. When officers arrived, both Lacey Stone and Allison Bruton were still present and had minor injuries. They are girlfriends and were dating at the time. Allison told police that she and Lacey were traveling in a Ford Focus they borrowed and left 504 Nawakwa Trail. She went on to say that she was attempting to return the car to its owner at Jenna Lee Circle, but Lacey wanted to take the vehicle to Kentucky.

According to Allison, an argument then ensued. Allison was driving during the argument and she pulled over multiple times in order to remove Lacey’s belongings. Lacey became upset and punched Allison in the face several times. After that, Lacey pulled out a pair of box cutters and cut Allison’s finger just underneath the nail. She then threw the box cutters out of the window before they pulled over at Red Lobster. Allison did not wish to prosecute but given her statements and injuries, police swore a warrant out on her behalf. Photos were taken of Allison’s injuries and the box cutters were not located at the scene.

Lacey Stone was arrested and charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $16,000.

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