Woman tells Target employee she is Beethoven and threatens to slit her throat, per report

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39-year-old Angela Beasley was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when a loss prevention employee confronted her about a pocket knife she was wielding. The report states Beasley identified herself as Beethoven, that she owned the state, and threatened to slit the Target employee’s throat.

On March 31st, Officers reported to the Target located at 6814 Charlotte Pike in response to an assault call. According to the affidavit, loss prevention employee Alicia Bailey asked Angela Beasley to leave the establishment when she noticed Beasley was wielding a pocket knife. Ms. Bailey attested that Beasley told her she needed the knife because she was blind and that she was “Beethoven and she owned the state.”

Angela Beasley (MNPD)
Angela Beasley (MNPD)

At this point, Ms. Bailey stated Beasley opened the knife and began to near her saying and motioning that she would slit Ms. Bailey’s throat. Ultimately Angela Beasley left the store on foot and officers apprehended her with the knife described near Charlotte Pike and Interstate 40. Ms. Bailey positively identified Beasley during a “show up.”

Angela Beasley was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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