Police recognize Madison woman with warrants; vehicle search yields more paraphernalia

44-year-old Jessica Rippey was charged with two counts of drug paraphernalia and violation of open container law stemming from a December 2019 incident where she backed into a parked vehicle at Town & Country Ford. Officers spotted her six months later in Madison and searched her vehicle again to find more paraphernalia.

Man gets a little more than ‘tipsy’ with wife, charged with domestic assault

33-year-old Dustin Carr was charged with domestic assault after his wife reported to police that while they were both intoxicated, they started arguing and it led to him smacking her in the face and pushing her to the floor, per report.

Target left at home of Nashville NAACP President; police say it was ‘pretty cool’ [UPDATED]

Nashville NAACP President, Rev. Keith Caldwell, found a bullseye target placed on his front yard Saturday night. After police arrived, MNPD Officer Eric Michael McCoy reportedly said it was “pretty cool”, and didn’t appreciate the apparent threat being conveyed.