Struggle over pot leads to girlfriend grabbing boyfriend’s scrotum

25-year-old Briana Hill was charged with domestic assault after she slapped, bit, and grabbed her boyfriend by the scrotum over a fight for ownership of a jar of pot.

Sleeping man charged after being found slobbering in the middle of the street

27-year-old Alec Whiteside was charged with driving under the influence, no valid license, and implied consent when police found him sleeping behind the wheel in a running car while parked in the middle of the street.

Nashville teen breaks boyfriend’s key in his ignition for possibly cheating

19-year-old Meagan Rippey was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after assaulting her boyfriend when she thinks he is cheating on her while in the car with him and her baby.

Antioch woman steals car in Clarksville, says she will crack owner’s head open with rock from purse

19-year-old Poni Taban was charged with domestic aggravated assault and theft of a motor vehicle in Clarksville after threatening to hit a man with a rock and stealing his car.