Madison woman charged with DUI and assault after being asked to move her car

24-year-old Briana Cooper was charged with driving under the influence, assault, and implied consent after she attacked a woman that asked to move her car because she was parked too close and police later found her to be intoxicated, per report.

Spilled milk, stolen cigarettes: Antioch woman attacks roommate

49-year-old Lisa Goodman was charged with domestic assault after she shoved Matthew Kauer in the chest and threw a bowl of cereal at him during an argument about her taking two of his cigarettes.

Antioch man strangles wife because she won’t sleep with him, per report

46-year-old Mostapha Aznag was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation when his wife told authorities he had yanked her out of bed and strangled her for not having sex with him.