“Reformed” teen stomps in ex-girlfriend’s windshield after she maces him

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18-year-old De’vonta Kirkendoll was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when he refused to leave ex-girlfriend’s residence, grabs her, she sprays him with mace, and then went outside to kick in her front windshield.

On April 27th, officers arrived at 300 E Webster street because of a domestic disturbance. Zoncresha Hunter began explaining that before the police arrived the defendant, De’vonta Kirkendoll, is her ex-boyfriend who became angry because she wanted him to leave the residence. She told him that she needed to leave so he grabbed her and made her feel threatened causing her to spray him with mace.

De'vonta Kirkendoll (MNPD)
De’vonta Kirkendoll (MNPD)

Kirkendoll left the apartment and began jumping on the roof and hood before he kicked in the front windshield of her car. He pushed her down when she told him to leave the property again. When she told him that she contacted the police he fled in an SUV before the police arrived. A witness confirmed the story and police observed the damage to the victim’s car and right arm.

On May 6th, De’vonta Kirkendoll was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. His bond was set at $4,000.

Kirkendoll, Devonta596037274 DELLWAY VILLA RD
Nashville, TN 37207
Asl, Dom Bod Inju
Kirkendoll, Devonta596037274 DELLWAY VILLA RD
Nashville, TN 37207
Vandalism over $1,000

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