Arguing exes leads to man strangling woman; tells her it would be easy to kill her

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46-year-old Donald Noes III was charged with aggravated assault when he strangled his ex-girlfriend with one hand telling her “this is really easy I can kill you right now” before using her own arms to strangle her again.

On May 14th, Alice Caruthers was at the home of ex-boyfriend Donald Noes when they began arguing. While arguing, Noes approached Caruthers and grabbed her by the neck with one hand, Caruthers told police. She also told police that he said, “this is really easy I can kill you right now.” After Noes released her she said that he grabbed her by the wrists and wrapped her own arms around her throat and began strangling her that way.

Donald Noes (MNPD)
Donald Noes (MNPD)

Eventually Noes stopped and she was able to leave after some time, per the report. Caruthers told police that she didn’t feel as if she was about to lose consciousness but she did have trouble breathing. Later on she described herself as having difficulty swallowing, talking, or breathing, and that it felt like there were “little pieces of an unknown substance” in her neck that she had never felt before. She claimed that there was a bruise on her neck but the police did not observe any bruising during the time that the report was being made.

Donald Noes III was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation. His bond was set at $10,000.

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