Father jailed for aggravated neglect: his 17-month-old ingested opiate and fought for life in ICU

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29-year-old Michael Tate was charged with aggravated child neglect in regard to an incident in December 2019 where his then 1-year and 5-month-old toddler ingested an opiate that left her fighting for her life in intensive care.

On December 30th, while his then 17-month-old daughter was in his sole care, Michael Tate failed to protect her from ingesting an opiate. According to an affidavit, the toddler nearly died and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Michael Tate (MNPD)
Michael Tate (MNPD)

During interrogation, Tate admitted not knowing what she had consumed and not paying her adequate attention.

On May 20th, Michael Tate was arrested and charged with aggravated child neglect. He is jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

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