Man charged with public intox after fighting in a hotel hallway with another guest

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38-year-old Kornelius Bowden was charged with public intoxication after getting into a scuffle with another guest at the Microtel Inn and officers deemed him too intoxicated to care for his own safety.

On April 29th, police were dispatched to the Microtel Inn in reference to a call regarding two guests fighting in the hallway. When officers arrived, they noted that both involved appeared impaired, but Kornelius Bowden was intoxicated to the point he had trouble standing, had slurred speech, wasn’t making sense, had bloodshot watery eyes, and an “intense odor” of alcohol on his person.

Kornelius Bowden (MNPD)

The hotel clerk advised officers that prior to the fight, Kornelius Bowden was walking around the hallways trying to open other hotel room doors and was causing a public annoyance. Kornelius was a guest at the hotel, but this occurred outside his room.

Officers noted the other person involved “appeared” to be the victim, but wasn’t making sense either and didn’t want to prosecute. He also said that Kornelius was not trying to hurt him. Officers determined that based on what happened, that Kornelius was unable to care for his own safety and was causing a public annoyance.

Kornelius Bowden was arrested and charged with public intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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