Nashville man chases ex telling her that he will never stop coming after her

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63-year-old Gerald Richard’s ex-girlfriend filed a report against him last week for threatening to burn her tent down. Now he was charged with a violation of an order of protection by chasing her and telling her that he will never stop coming for her.

On May 7th, police arrived at the intersection of Conference Drive and Gallatin Pike North. Kirby Gray stated that she was being chased by the defendant, Gerald Richard. She explained further that she felt scared when she saw him standing near her home so she ran.

Gerald Richard (MNPD)
Gerald Richard (MNPD)

Richard gave chase while yelling at her that he would never stop coming for her and that he would hurt her, per report. He chased them until the police arrived. Gray told police that she has an active order of protection against Richard. When police made contact with him, they stated that he had the odor of alcohol on his breath.

Gerald Richard was arrested and charged with violation of an order of protection, domestic assault, and public intoxication. His bond was set at $7,750.

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