Cinco de Mayo DUI Checkpoint: Woman admits to drinking for 12 hours

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22-year-old Maria Harper was charged with driving under the influence after she tried pulling into a gas station to avoid a DUI checkpoint on Cinco de Mayo. She told officers she was trying to buy cigarettes at the gas station that was closed and later admitted to drinking for 12 hours that day.

On May 5th at 11 pm, MNPD was conducting a Cinco De Mayo DUI checkpoint at 29th Avenue and West End Avenue. Maria Harper pulled into the checkpoint and attempted to park in a gas station parking lot instead of driving through the checkpoint. Police encountered her at the gas station which she said she was at to buy cigarettes, but the gas station was closed.

Maria Harper (MNPD)
Maria Harper (MNPD)

Officers described her as emitting a strong odor of alcohol from her breath and that she had dilated pupils. Incoherently, Harper admitted to the police that she had three drinks of alcohol and she later stated she had four shots of vodka. She then told police that she had been drinking since around 11 am or afternoon. Officers couldn’t conduct a field sobriety test because she has a medical issue, so she agreed to a blood test.

Maria Harper was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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