Teen kicks & bites MNPD; threatens to find & shoot officer in the head when he bonds out

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18-year-old Tanner Vick was charged with two counts of vandalism, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and evading arrest after his mother reported to police that he was damaging her home and car. While being detained, he bit and kicked officers, damaged the patrol car, and threatened to shoot the officer in the head when he gets out of jail.

On May 5th, officers were called to 1902 Hailey Ave for a domestic disturbance call. Courtney Belcher reported that her son Tanner Vick was damaging her house and car because he was under the influence of an unknown substance. He was throwing food and toys around damaging her kitchen and dining room. Vick also struck her vehicle twice leaving dents in the hood and passenger rear door. When the defendant spotted officers, he ran.

Tanner Vick (MNPD)
Tanner Vick (MNPD)

Officers chased as he evaded them on foot until he was caught at River Drive and River Court. Refusing to comply with the officers, Vick started kicking the doors and windows of the police vehicle, damaging the vehicle. They decided to hobble Vick to bind his legs but they were met with Vick biting and kicking at them.

As Vick was being escorted to booking, he ripped the molding on the back doors of the patrol car and caused damage. Vick was told multiple times to stop and refused. Vick then stated “he doesn’t care”, “fuck the police”, and “charge me with damaging the car”. He then said to the officer that when he gets bonded out, he is going to find him and shoot him in the head, per report.

Tanner Vick was arrested and charged with two counts of vandalism, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and evading arrest. His bond was set at $4,000.

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