Woman charged with assaulting boyfriend after interrupting his game time with a roommate

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44-year-old Anquinta Green was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after she kicked her boyfriend in the leg several times when she stood in front of the television because he was playing video games.

On May 18th, officers responded to a domestic disturbance when the police heard a verbal argument outside the residence. The victim, William Manning, let police into the home and told them that he and his roommate were playing video games when his girlfriend stood in front of the television. He stated that the altercation escalated and the defendant, Anquinta Green, kicked him in his leg several times. His roommate witnessed and collaborated his story.

Anquinta Green (MNPD)
Anquinta Green (MNPD)

Police did not notice any visible injury to Manning’s leg. Green told police that she was on the balcony when she had asked Manning to turn a song up on the radio which he then began calling her names leading them into the argument. She admitted to standing in front of the television and pushing the soundbar off the television stand, but she denied kicking him in the leg. When the officers determined her to be the main aggressor and place her into custody she began pulling away from them and thrashing about, per report.

Anquinta Green was arrested and charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $3,000.

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