Woman charged with obstructing sidewalk; threatened to continue falling from wheelchair

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77-year-old Linda Rapp was charged with obstructing a passageway after telling police she was purposely falling from her wheelchair to gain the attention of passersby and would continue to do so even if they tried to relocate her.

On May 4th, officers and medical services were called in regard to a woman prostrate on a sidewalk next to her wheelchair. According to the affidavit, she told authorities it was her intent to continue purposely falling out of her wheelchair so bystanders would be persuaded to call for help.

Linda Rapp (MNPD)
Linda Rapp (MNPD)

Officers attempted to coax her to a more convenient position, she refused and stated that if moved, she would return. Because of her unreasonable behavior and promises to repeat she was taken into custody.

Linda Rapp was arrested and charged with obstructing a passageway. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

Rapp, Linda589781639 LAFAYETTE ST
Nashville, TN 37203
39-17-307Obst. Passage

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  1. Beverly Nelson

    Obviously this is a person living with numerous challenges.I do not approve of her behavior but I now question my past judgemental manners. Today d4

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