Washed-up Nashville entertainer arrested after social media threats to his father

41-year-old Robert Davidson, better known locally as ‘Rob Dee’, was charged with violating an order of protection when his dad told authorities that he was threatening him on Facebook, which is specifically prohibited in his OOP.

Man breaks into local church, steals several computers and televisions

30-year-old Curtis Smith was charged with burglary after he broke into Outreach Ministries International Church, stole several computers and televisions, and tried to sell them to a friend.

Goodlettsville woman beats husband with belt buckle after she was caught cheating

37-year-old Leila Ralph was charged with domestic assault after beating her husband with a belt buckle during a dispute about her cheating with another man. She reportedly threw “whatever she could get her hands on” at him.

Man argues with girlfriend about driving her car, knocks her unconscious

28-year-old Christopher Malone was charged with aggravated assault after knocking his girlfriend unconscious during an altercation at AutoZone. When she regained consciousness, she experienced pain in her abdomen alongside visible cuts and gashes on her face from the attack.