Duo return to their tent after beating and chasing man for a phone

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28-year-old Myron Baldridge and 31-year-old Andrew Collier were charged with robbery after he and a friend beat and chased a man until he dropped his phone, to which they stole and took to their tent, per report.

On June 9th, officers received a call regarding a robbery in Nashville. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Daniel Moore, who informed law enforcement that two men approached him while he was near his vehicle. According to the affidavit, the duo began to strike Moore as he was sitting next to his vehicle. Moore fell to the ground as a result of the blows, attempting to protect himself in the process.

Following additional hits from the men, Moore was able to get to his feet and began to run away. The men continued to chase Moore and continually attacked him while doing so. As Moore approached the road, he was reportedly shoved down and struck again. During the assault, Moore dropped his phone on the ground. The attack continued for a short while after, until one of the men-later identified as Andrew Collier-took the phone and began to run away. The man proceeded to hand the phone to his friend, Myron Baldridge, and the two left the location, going to their tent, per report.

When questioning the two men, neither were willing to cooperate with law enforcement, refusing to answer where Moore’s phone was located. Officers proceeded to take Baldridge and Collier into custody for robbery.

Myron Baldridge and Andrew Collier were arrested and charged with robbery. Their bonds were set at $5,000 each.

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