Goodlettsville man caught with ‘best pills in the county’

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29-year-old Devin Lamb was charged with evading arrest, possession of meth, and a felony drug offense after being in possession of 45 grams of ecstasy pills and two grams of meth during a routine traffic stop on Gallatin Pike. Lamb later claimed the pills were “the best in the county.”

On June 3rd, officers noticed a vehicle with a malfunctioning headlight and a license plate that was not readable traveling on Gallatin Pike N. Law enforcement proceeded to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver, who identified himself as Devin Lamb, was asked if there were any illegal substances in the car. The front seat passenger replied by raising a marijuana pipe and claiming that the two were “trying to find more weed.”

Devin Lamb (MNPD)
Devin Lamb (MNPD)

The passenger’s statement gave law enforcement probable cause to do a search of the vehicle. According to the affidavit, found inside the car was approximately 90 pills of ecstasy and a projected two grams of methamphetamine in a backpack located directly behind Lamb. The meth and ecstasy would later test positive for their presumptive substance.

After being read his Miranda rights, Lamb confessed to owning the backpack and its contents inside. Following Lamb’s admittance of the drug possession, the man attempted to flee the scene of the crime on foot. A short distance later, Lamb was detained by law enforcement.

While en route to Davidson County Booking, Lamb confessed that the 45 grams of ecstasy was his as well, claiming them to be “the best in the county.” Lamb claimed to have purchased the pills for $300. He freely informed officers that his plan was to sell the ecstasy in smaller increments for $20 a piece. Despite the weight of the methamphetamine, law enforcement believes the drug was for personal use rather than redistribution.

Devin Lamb was arrested and charged for evading arrest, possession of meth, and a felony drug offense. His bond was set at $13,000.

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