“I don’t even drink that much” says man who blows double the legal limit

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27-year-old Christopher Crutcher was charged with blowing double over the legal limit before he tells police that “I don’t even drink that much” at the scene of an accident involving two cars.

On June 4th, police arrived at a two-car accident on Old Hickory Boulevard and Shute Lane where they found the defendant, Christopher Crutcher, standing next to his vehicle. When they were speaking to him they noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath which he agreed that he had no health condition to cause. The witnesses stated that he was hiding something in the back of his vehicle before police had shown up.

Christopher Crutcher (MNPD)
Christopher Crutcher (MNPD)

Police conducted a field sobriety test that suggested that he was inebriated. He was then placed into custody and the police searched his vehicle to find a half-empty Jack Daniels bottle in the back seat. After he blew a 0.166 BAC (which is double over the legal limit) police showed him the results and he responded with, ” I don’t even drink that much.”

Christopher Crutcher was arrested and charged with his second DUI. He was later freed on pre-trial release.

Crutcher, Christopher3209 OLD HICKORY BLVD
Old Hickory TN 37138
55-10-401*2DUI-2nd Off.

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