Intruder loots $5,000 worth of tools from construction site

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37-year-old Norman Smith was charged with theft of property and aggravated criminal trespassing after illegally entering a construction site and stealing a box filled with tools. The value of the toolbox and its contents was estimated at $5,000.

On February 21st, a man was observed unlawfully entering a construction site at the intersection of 13th Ave S and Demonbreun St in Nashville. The intruder was seen exiting the premises with a toolbox belonging to Physical Security LLC. The superintendent at the time of the incident attempted to stop the man but was unable to do so due to him fleeing the scene in an SUV.

Norman Smith (MNPD)
Norman Smith (MNPD)

Staff members on-site identified the license plate number alongside a description of the suspect. Video surveillance captured the intruder at the scene of the crime and a cell phone recording was added as evidence. Norman Smith was brought in as a suspect for the incident and was included in a photographic lineup. The superintendent was shown the line of suspects and identified Smith as the man who trespassed the site and stole the tools.

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On June 23rd, Norman Smith was arrested and charged with theft of property and aggravated criminal trespassing. His bond was set at $5,500.

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