Man busts another man in head with bottle over nude photos in his cell phone

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20-year-old Jesshaun Patterson was charged with aggravated assault after he hit Ledonis Johnson in the head with a glass bottle causing it to bleed because Ledonis refused to delete the nude picture of Jesshaun that he had in his phone.

On June 2nd, there was a call about a victim who was bleeding from being struck in the head with a glass bottle at 2929 Vista Lane. Police arrived on scene and made contact with the victim, Ledonis Johnson, and the defendant, Jesshaun Patterson. Johnson appeared to be bleeding a significant amount out of the back of his head that was also swollen.

Jesshaun Patterson (MNPD)
Jesshaun Patterson (MNPD)

He told police that he and Patterson were arguing about some nude photos that Johnson sent to himself after accessing Patterson’s phone without permission. Patterson asked Johnson to delete the photos, he refused and a struggle ensued. Patterson admitted guilt to striking Johnson in the head with a glass bottle but he said that he did not mean to. He was just frustrated by the invasion of privacy the report says.

Jesshaun Patterson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault – serious bodily injury. His bond was set at $5,000.

Patterson, Jesshaun578538450 MONTICELLO ST
Nashville, TN 37207
Agg. Assault

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