Man forces ex-lover to snort heroin off knife; threatens to kill her if she blows it away again

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56-year-old Jack Curtis was charged with aggravated assault for an October incident involving an injury to his roommate, Betty O’Kelley. Curtis’ charges come in lieu of causing anal sepsis on O’Kelley as well as forcing her to overdose on heroin, per report.

Back in October, Betty O’Kelley was taken to Summit Hospital after being found unresponsive by medical personnel. O’Kelley’s roommate, Jack Curtis, reached out to O’Kelley’s sister, stating that he was not able to wake her up. The two were involved in an intimate relationship in the past, but now are strictly roommates. Following the sister’s arrival, O’Kelley was still identified to be nonreactive. Curtis proceeded to vacate the premises.

According to the affidavit, when O’Kelley arrived at the emergency room, she was noted to have pneumonia, an altered mental status due to narcotics ingestion, questionable breathing, and evident spinal and buttocks injuries from previous medical records. O’Kelley required resuscitation and transfer to the intensive care unit for mechanical ventilation. O’Kelley’s sister claimed her bruises were questionable due to her good health the previous evening. Following a blood test, O’Kelley tested positive for opiates.

Jack Curtis (MNPD)
Jack Curtis (MNPD)

Detective McBride visited O’Kelley a few days after her recovery to conduct an interview. She explained to McBride that Curtis was addicted to narcotics and uses her pain medication when the narcotics aren’t readily available. O’Kelley’s pain medication was justified and confirmed by extensive medical history, requiring a great deal of medication to deal with her injuries. After Curtis had taken all of O’Kelley’s pain medication, she was in immense pain. On October 12th, Curtis allegedly told the Hermitage resident to sniff heroin off of his knife, to which she refused by blowing the drug onto the floor. Curtis threatened to kill O’Kelley if the heroin was moved to the floor again. O’Kelley replied by snorting the drug, an eyewitness at the home later confirmed her statement.

Curtis recommended her to take more of the opioid the next morning, to which she again initially refused. Curtis replied by threatening O’Kelley by saying “I will put my boot in your ass,” ending the altercation by forcing her to ingest more heroin. The last thing that O’Kelley claims to remember is being in the hospital under medical personnel’s care. Curtis’ kicking of the victim and forcing her to overdose on heroin led to serious injuries for O’Kelley.

On arrival, medical personnel discovered kidney failure on O’Kelley. She later had to seek care for the wounds inflicted on her buttocks, later developing sepsis on the inflicted area.

On May 28th, Jack Curtis was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with intent to a serious bodily injury. His bond was set at $25,000.

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