Man jailed for domestic assault yet again after sucker-punching boyfriend and running away

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26-year-old Cody “Wildboy” Batey was charged with domestic assault when his boyfriend told officers he accused him of cheating, sucker-punched him, and ran away. The couple has a long history of domestic incidents.

On June 10th, according to an affidavit, an altercation occurred between Cody Batey and his boyfriend Leon Robins. Robins told authorities that Batey accused him of infidelity and sucker-punched him before running off. Officers noted an injury under Robins’ eye consistent with his story.

Batey and Robins have a history of domestic incidence. In 2018 Batey was charged harassment after calling Robins 42 times despite having a protection order against Robins. In 2019 officers walked in on Robins wielding a broom and said Robins admitted to hitting Batey with it.

Cody “Wildboy” Batey was arrested and charged with domestic assault and is jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

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