Man with felony evading warrant attempts to flee police while in custody

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21-year-old Gievanne Ashley was charged with escape of custody after attempting to flee while being placed into custody for an active warrant in Sumner County. Ashley reportedly ran across Rivergate Pkwy and through an Ace Hardware parking lot before being apprehended.

On June 9th, Officer Given received a call regarding a man attempting to buy a firearm at the Goodlettsville Gun Shop while having an active warrant for his arrest. The warrant stemmed from Sumner County for a felony evading arrest. According to the affidavit, Gievanne Ashley, was known to be a runner. Upon arrival, Given placed Ashley into custody immediately for the active warrant.

Gievanne Ashley (MNPD)
Gievanne Ashley (MNPD)

While escorting Ashley to his vehicle, Given attempted to unlock the car in order to place Ashley inside. While doing so, Ashley was able to free himself from the officer and began to sprint across Rivergate Pkwy. Ashley also allegedly ran through an Ace Hardware parking lot, proceeding to jump off of a retaining wall when reaching the right side of the lot. The jump caused Ashley to drop down. Given, alongside an additional officer, then detained Ashley without additional incident.

Gievanne Ashley was arrested and charged with escape of custody. His bond was set at $10,000.

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