Nashville Airport’s K9 patrol finds “a lot” of weed in man’s suitcase

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29-year-old Michael-Orion Kirkwood was charged with felony possession of marijuana after he was found transporting nearly 42 pounds of marijuana through Nashville International Airport.

On June 3rd, around 7 pm at Nashville International Airport Detective Kessler and K9 Officer Havoc were patrolling when Havoc showed a change in behavior. His response was triggered by two blue suitcases belonging to the defendant, Michael-Orion Kirkwood. Detectives Kessler and Lueders in plain street clothes observed Kirkwood claim both bags and begin to leave. They then approached him and showed their credentials. They identified him with a Texas driver’s license that he produced.

Michael-Orion Kirkwood (MNPD)
Michael-Orion Kirkwood (MNPD)

Kirkwood consented to opening up the suitcases. When he opened it, police observed a vacuum-sealed bag of clothing. When he was asked how much marijuana he had in his possession, he responded with “a lot.” He was escorted to an office where the detectives furthered their search inside the suitcases and found approximately forty-two pounds of marijuana his luggage vacuumed sealed in bundles. As well as all the marijuana he had receipts for the vacuum-sealed bags and a large sum of U.S. currency, which he admitted to flying with $40,000 on June 2nd to buy the marijuana that he planned to sell.

Michael-Orion Kirkwood was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana. He was later freed on pre-trial release.

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