Powerlifter charged for broken phone after wife catches him cheating and calls his mom

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34-year-old Michael Heitzke was charged with interfering with emergency calls and vandalism when he got angry that his wife caught him cheating and told his mother. He smashed her phone when she told him she was calling authorities.

On June 1st, Metro Nashville officers were dispatched to 4108 Hutson Avenue in regard to a domestic situation. According to affidavits, Casey Heitzke had caught her husband cheating, confronted him, and then called his mother. Michael Heitzke admitted to becoming angry when she told his mother about the situation.

When Casey mentioned she was calling authorities Michael took the phone and smashed it on the ground. She then secured his work phone and barricaded herself in a room to complete an emergency call. The couple is active in the powerlifting community.

Michael Heitzke was arrested and charged with interference with emergency call and vandalism. His bond was set at $3,000.

Heitzke, Michael5967664108 HUTSON AVE
Nashville, TN 37216
Vandalism $1,000 or less
Heitzke, Michael5967664108 HUTSON AVE
Nashville, TN 37216
Interference w/911 call

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