Teen throws fork at father during grocery dispute; tells police to “figure it the f–k out”

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18-year-old Courtney Nelson was charged with domestic assault at her family’s apartment home in the Edgehill district of Nashville. Nelson’s charges come in lieu of throwing a fork, among other utensils, at her father during a dispute regarding groceries.

On May 28th, Officer Manojlovic was dispatched to 1613 16th Ave S. in regards to a domestic dispute called in by a neighbor. Upon arrival, Manojlovic discovered two residents in the home, their relationship being father and daughter. The neighbor who initially called law enforcement could only hear arguing from the home, leading them to call the police shortly thereafter.

The father and victim, Brandon Nelson, explained to Manojlovic that he and his daughter, Courtney Nelson, had an altercation about putting away the groceries. Nelson refused her father’s requests for several minutes and then proceeded to throw a fork, among other utensils, at him, per the affidavit.

Courtney Nelson (MNPD)
Courtney Nelson (MNPD)

The fork was the most notable utensil to strike Nelson, puncturing his lower left leg. Officers examined that a bloody mark was noticeable on the leg of Nelson, still bleeding when law enforcement arrived on the scene of the crime. Nelson’s father wanted her to leave the premises and was willing to take legal action in response to the assault.

Nelson was arrested on the charge of domestic assault and read her Miranda Rights, of which she later waived. After being placed into Manojlovic’s vehicle, Nelson admitted without question to throwing objects at her father. Nelson claimed to have waited to tell law enforcement after the fact, because “It was up to the police to do their job and figure it the fuck out.”

Courtney Nelson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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