Woman admits to smoking cocaine-laced marijuana with baby in vehicle

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34-year-old Michelle Northcutt was charged with her second DUI when she backed her vehicle into someone else’s in a McDonald’s parking lot with her 15-month-old daughter was in the car and later admitted to police that she took Xanax and smoked marijuana.

On June 26th, there was a motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of McDonald’s located at 5800 Old Hickory Boulevard involving the defendant, Michelle Northcutt. The vehicle that she backed into’s driver called the police and said that he suspects that Northcutt was on drugs. When police arrived Northcutt was frantically rummaging through her car. She told them that she was jittery because she took a Xanax and smoked weed and that she did in fact back into the victim’s vehicle.

Michelle Northcutt (MNPD)
Michelle Northcutt (MNPD)

Inside the vehicle, she had her fifteen-month-old daughter in the backseat. The report stated that she showed signs of impairment on all of the sobriety tests that she consented too after the police noticed her constricted pupils, talkative nature, and jittery movements.

Once she was placed into custody she admitted that the marijuana that she was smoking had cocaine in it and that she is a recovering heroin addict. She has a prior DUI from 2013. Her daughter was placed into the custody of her aunt, Tammy Northcutt, and she was transported to booking without any further incident.

Michelle Northcutt was arrested and charged with DUI 2nd Offense with a Child. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

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DUI 2nd w/a Child

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