Disorderly woman charged after stripping, cussing, throwing shoes at Party Fowl

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57-year-old Carla Hargis was charged with disorderly conduct when Metro Police was called twice in one hour because she was causing a ruckus near Party Fowl. She was taking off her clothes, throwing her shoes, yelling, and cussing.

On July 19th, Metro Nashville Police were called to 8th Avenue and Division Street in regard to an individual shouting at other citizens. According to the affidavit, authorities asked Carla Hargis to relocate to the sidewalk. She refused and began stripping down, flinging personal items from her purse and screaming at the officers. MNPD left the situation at that, giving Hargis a warning.

Carla Hargis (MNPD)
Carla Hargis (MNPD)

Not an hour later, officers were again informed that Hargis was acting out, this time at an establishment two doors from where they left her. The manager at the chicken restaurant Party Fowl on 719 8th Avenue South advised that Hargis had been cussing at customers, throwing her shoes, and would not leave. She was taken into custody because she was a nuisance and likely to continue the offenses.

Carla Hargis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

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