Elderly couple repeatedly terrified by photogenic doorbell ringer

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52-year-old Samuel Sims was charged with harassment after repeatedly traveling to an elderly couple’s residence and verbally assaulting them. He has been told to not come to their residence and has left them in fear due to his mental condition.

On May 20th, Samuel Lamont Sims traveled to the residence of an elderly couple and began to scream and curse at the two. Further investigation revealed Sims being diagnosed with mental health issues and the man having a history of violence against the couple.

Samuel Sims (MNPD)
Samuel Sims (MNPD)

Samuel Roscoe Sims, who is the victim, informed to law enforcement that he and his wife, who are reportedly in their 70s, are “terrified” of Sims due to his unsteady condition. Sims has been told several times to stay away from the residence, yet continues to travel to the residence and harass the duo by ringing the doorbell.

On July 11th, Samuel Sims was arrested and charged with harassment. His bond was set at $2,500.

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