“If you don’t sit down I’ll break your MF’ing neck… I’ll hang your ass”; says man to victim

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62-year-old Julius Mcclellan was charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and interference with a 911 call when he trapped a woman in the house and brandished a belt while telling her, “If you don’t sit down I’ll break your motherf***ing neck. I’ll hang your ass.”

On June 29th, at 516 Mill Station Drive police were called to investigate a domestic disturbance. They made contact with the victim, Perita Bailey who said that the defendant, Julius Mcclellan, wanted a ride to go pick up drugs but when she refused the two began arguing. When Bailey tried to leave Mcclellan physically knocked her down several times and struck her in the face at least once. She tried to call 911 after that and he took her phone out of her hand and threw it across the house. Mcclellan also took the keys to the front door of the residence which did not allow her to leave.

Julius Mclellan (MNPD)
Julius Mcclellan (MNPD)

He brandished a belt and told her, “If you don’t sit down I’ll break your motherfucking neck. I’ll hang your ass.” As the altercation progressed, Bailey said that he held her against a wall with both of his hands around her neck for a least a minute. She told police that it did not cause her to lose consciousness. Police found Mcclellan on Ewing Drive leaving the scene. They noticed that he was intoxicated and asked him to answer questions that he denied to do. After Mirandizing him the victim told police that she wanted to prosecute. With his demeanor and history, police found probable cause to place him under arrest and transport him to booking.

Julius Mcclellan was arrested and charged with aggravated assault – strangulation, interference with a 911 call, and false imprisonment. He is currently being held in lieu of a $31,500 bond.

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