Man puts his child in danger while threatening the mother with a knife

40-year-old Charmandoe Taylor was charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon after threatening the mother and his child with a knife and stealing her purse.

Man socks girlfriend in face because she throws shoes at his car

28-year-old Donte Oneal was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend showed up at his place of employment, found him in the car with another woman, and he punched her in the face.

Man violates protection order when he bites a woman at the Rest Haven Motel

38-year-old Richard Baxter was charged with aggravated assault and he violated an order of protection when he became irate towards a woman and bit her in a hotel room while he was looking for his phone and wallet.

Man uses scissors to threaten well-meaning bystander during argument

46-year-old Edward Condra was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he threatened to stab a man with a pair of scissors during an argument.

Nashville man throws glass bottle during scuffle that shatters near a baby

43-year-old Gary Pitts was charged with reckless endangerment when he was tussling with another man and chucked a glass bottle at him where it shattered near his 3-month-old baby.

Woman keys ex-lover’s car because he wouldn’t have sex with her

26-year-old Kenisha Covington was charged with vandalism when she dumped a fountain drink and keyed a car belonging to her ex-lover after he refused to have sex with her.