Man busts into hotel room and shatters glass bottle over his ex-girlfriend’s head

20-year-old Antonio Bonds was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after busting in to his exes party with six to eight other people and smashing her in the head with a glass bottle.

Son fires at mother for reclaiming her own vehicle

20-year-old Narquan Stephens was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after firing shots at his mother when she tried to commandeer the car she loaned him.

Nashville’s Mayor Cooper allows Strip Clubs & Hookah Bars Open; Downtown Bars Closed

Downtown Nashville bars remained closed this weekend, and when they re-open Monday they will have a 25-patron limit enforced on them. Meanwhile, Nashville’s strip clubs and Hookah bars continue to push capacity limits with no restrictions enforced by Nashville’s Mayor John Cooper, whose office declined to comment on this story.
Nashville Police issued 1,900 verbal mask warnings and issued 16 citations Saturday night during the same period.

Woman charged with domestic assault after punching her mother’s boyfriend

35-year-old Erin Justesen was charged with domestic assault after punching her mother’s boyfriend in the shoulder while he was trying to make coffee.

The Rusty Nail pestered by intoxicated man who threatens officers

23-year-old Lajerric Lang was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, vandalism, and criminal trespass when he was observed screaming outside a bar and banging on the door. He then threatened officers when they tried to speak with him.

VIDEO: Nashville house parties & strippers continue despite ban on +25 people gatherings during pandemic

[NSFW Content] Despite orders by Mayor John Cooper and the Nashville Health Department, private house parties of more than 25 people continued this weekend as bars and clubs in the city remained shuttered due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

Cell phone message angers man into strangling his girlfriend and accusing her of cheating

19-year-old Quentin Harris was charged with aggravated assault when police responded to a 911 hang-up call and forced entry into the home to find that he accused his girlfriend of cheating and strangled her because of a cell phone message.

Man booked on outstanding assault warrant after getting caught speeding down I-40

26-year-old Joshua Vaughn was charged with domestic assault and driving without a license after he was caught speeding on I-40 and was found to have no driver’s license. Police discovered he had an outstanding warrant for assault.