Antioch man attempts to stab woman after she asked him to keep the noise down

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32-year-old Afshar Dehghan was charged with aggravated assault when he and his brothers argued with a woman who asked them to keep it down, and then tried to attack her with a knife and a pole until her brother came with a bat to save her.

On August 10th, when the police arrived at The Parks at Richard Road Apartments (850 Richards Road) they saw the defendant, Afshar Dehghan, who said that he was threatened with a bat. When they spoke to the bat wielder, he said that he was the victim’s brother who was called to the parking lot to protect her from Dehghan who tried to stab her.

Afshar Dehghan (MNPD)
Afshar Dehghan (MNPD)

The victim, Nukie Sherrill, spoke to the police and told them that she went over to their apartment to keep the noise down. She said that during all hours of the day they were incredibly loud so she wanted to ask them to keep it down. After she asked them she went to a neighbor’s apartment where she heard Dehghan and his brothers insulting her, which caused an argument between them outside. As they were arguing Dehghan had a knife and a pole to sneak behind her and attack her.

Afshar Dehghan was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bond was set at $5,000.

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