Boyfriend threatens to kill woman and her child after pointing gun at her

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36-year-old Donovias “DonDon” Sweatt was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic assault when he punched his girlfriend in the face, attempted to bribe her to not call the police, then ran before the police showed up. He later texts her saying “I’m killing you and your son.”

On June 26th, police spoke to Taylor Griffin, the girlfriend of Donovias Sweatt Jr, at 3312 Dickerson Pike around 10:30 pm. She said they were driving on Briley Parkway when he became upset with her for trying to end the relationship and began hitting her in the face. Police reported that her right eye was bloodshot and swollen with some redness around it. While he was punching her, she stated he pointed a pistol at her and threatened her by saying, “I’ll kill you.” After she pulled off Briley Parkway onto Dickerson Pike, Sweatt offered her $200 to not call the police and ran when she called. He was gone when the police arrived, and all of this occurred with their son in the back seat. Griffin refused all help as well as medical assistance and decided to wait to obtain an order of protection. Police sought to prosecute Sweatt on Griffin’s behalf.

Donovias Sweatt (MNPD)
Donovias Sweatt (MNPD)

On August 24th, Griffin filed a complaint with police when Sweatt threatened her through text messages leaving her fearful for her life. Police arrived at 1804 Charlotte Avenue and spoke to Griffin who showed them the texts. The number that was shown police confirmed was Sweatt after contacting him with said number.

Griffin had messages saved to her phone stating, “you dead bitch,” “I’m killing you and your son,” “let your son see you get murdered,” and, “then I’m going to kill him.” Sweatt also came over to Griffin’s house in Gallatin to bust out the window of her vehicle which she reported. A hold was placed on Sweatt for Gallatin Police due to warrants they swore out for that particular incident.

Donovias Sweatt was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic assault. His bond was set at $13,000.

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