Husband charged after strangling woman in front of her sister and nephew

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29-year-old Brandon Pharris was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation when a bystander called authorities and his sister-in-law reported he strangled his wife in a hotel room. His wife denied these allegations against him.

On August 17th, police were called to 665 Myatt Drive for an unknown disturbance on the third floor at InTown Suites in Nashville. Brandon Pharris and Karen Jones are married and live together at this location. Police were able to obtain a video of the incident from bystander Michael Matthews’ cell phone. Matthews stated he was outside when he heard yelling and screaming coming from a third-floor hotel window. Jones told the officers she had a small get together with friends, which caused the commotion and she asked them to leave for being too loud. Jones’ sister, Kimberly Lee and her son both told officers they witnessed an incident.

Brandon Pharris (MNPD)
Brandon Pharris (MNPD)

Kimberly stated she was sleeping when her sister woke her and she saw Pharris put both hands around Jones’ neck. Kimberly told police this occurred for 5 seconds or less before she attempted to separate them. Pharris then immediately fled the scene. The other witness, who is a minor, advised he was awake during the incident and also saw Pharris being violent and put his hands around Jones’ neck. The officer observed visible injury to the left side of Jones’ neck and determined Pharris was the primary aggressor despite Jones’ attempts to dismiss the allegations.

Brandon Pharris was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation. His bond was set at $10,000.

Pharris, Brandon597766665 MYATT DR
Madison, TN 37115
Agg Assault – Strangulation

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