Indiana fugitive found with “cocaine” after giving police permission to search him

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28-year-old Joshua Cloy was charged as a fugitive from justice when police received a report from MTS security in regards to an unauthorized weapon that led to him being found with marijuana, cocaine, and counterfeit cocaine individually wrapped for resale. He was wanted in Indiana on a weapons law charge.

On August 17th, Officer made the scene at 400 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard after receiving a report from MTA security regarding an individual that may have a gun at the residence. Officers spoke with Joshua Cloy and he consented to a search of his person. Officers discovered 3.1 grams of marijuana and .5 grams of a white powder substance positively identified as cocaine.

Joshua Cloy (MNDP)
Joshua Cloy (MNPD)

Separately from the other illegal substances, officers found 4 small 1-gram bags of a powdery substance that were fashioned to look like cocaine packaged to sell. While making the arrest, officers discovered that Joshua Cloy had an outstanding warrant for a violation of weapons law in the state of Indiana. The state exercised its right to have Joshua extradited for his previous warrant.

Joshua Cloy was arrested and charged as a fugitive from justice, possession of cocaine and marijuana, and selling counterfeit controlled substances. His bond was set at $18,000.

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