Madison man arrested five months after selling ecstasy to police operative

feat Daugherty, Sabastain
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28-year-old Sabastain Daugherty was charged with a felony drug offense after selling ecstasy to a police operative in March and was arrested five months later.

On March 18th, an undercover police operative was fixed with a digital audio recording device and was sent to purchase illegal substances from Sabastian Daugherty with “police buy money” at an undisclosed location within Davidson County.

Sabastain Daugherty (MNPD)
Sabastain Daugherty (MNPD)

The officer was able to successfully meet with Sabastain and purchased several suspected MDMA pills, also known as ecstasy. After field-testing the product, officers were able to verify MDMA content within pills. However, officers were not able to finally make an arrest until five months later.

On August 18th, Sabastain Daugherty was arrested and charged with a felony drug offense. His bond was set at $20,000.

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