Man pushes mother of his children into car door over child seat disagreement

feat Waddell, Allen
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32-year-old Allen Waddell was charged with domestic assault after shoving the mother of his children into a car door during a disagreement over the proper placement of a rear-facing car seat.

On April 28th, at 217 Largo Drive, Emily Carter was attempting to drop off her children with Allen Waddell. Carter noticed that the rear-facing car seat was facing the incorrect direction. She began to switch the direction of the seat, however, Waddell disagreed. While Carter was in the threshold of the door, he shoved her into the door.

Allen Waddell (MNPD)
Allen Waddell (MNPD)

Carter felt that the use of force was uncalled for and offensive. Waddell continued to argue with her for a few moments after the incident before they finally parted ways. Carter had video evidence for the incident which she provided to police.

On August 16th, Allen Waddell was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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