Several false reports during a domestic situation lead to a protection order and charges

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38-year old Stephanie Essary was charged with false report after she provided officers with multiple false reports when they were called to her home several times within the same day.

On August 24th, officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 439 Adair Road after having already responded to 2214 Pittswood Drive several times that day in relation to Stephanie Essary and her boyfriend, Melvin Gibson. Essary informed officers the home on Adair Road was her sister’s and about a block away from her own residence. She told officers that Gibson had come to the house and was standing by a tree, laughing, and telling her she could not have her keys or come back to the house. The officers were dispatched to the home on Pittswood Drive, which is Essary and Gibson’s home, for the third time that day. When they showed up, Gibson told the officers he would be going to the Family Safety Center (FSC) to get an order of protection against Essary.

Stephanie Essary (MNPD)
Stephanie Essary (MNPD)

She called the police around 9:30 p.m. to let them know that Gibson was at her sister’s home. After speaking with Essary, the officers went to speak with Gibson, but he wasn’t there. They spoke with his brother who told them he was still at FSC. They returned to Essary to let her know he was not at the home. Essary started arguing with the police and stated she no longer wanted their assistance. They left and spoke with security at FSC who confirmed Gibson had been at the center since around 5:00 p.m. and was still working on obtaining the order of protection.

A short time later, around 10:00 p.m. officers once again responded to a call from 2214 Pittswood Drive where Gibson’s brother let them know that Essary was trying to gain entry to the home. They found her sitting on the stairs outside, and Essary told them Gibson was inside and refusing to let her come in. While they were recounting the day with Essary, Gibson arrived at the house with his two daughters and the order of protection paperwork. The officers spoke with security at FSC who confirmed that he had just left. The statements Essary provided officers were verified as false.

Stephanie Essary was arrested and charged with false report. Her bond was set at $10,000. On August 26th, she was found guilty of interference with a 911 call.

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